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Cobius Compliance Manager

Effectively comply with evolving regulations and avoid increasing non-compliance penalties.

Compliance issues commonly arise during routine operations and many are the result of changing regulations. Compliance teams are being asked to manage a rapidly expanding number of critical issues.  To manage the burgeoning workload, they need powerful, easy to use tools that enable them to work efficiently, and the Cobius Compliance Manager makes it possible to resolve issues in an effective, timely manner.

Mitigate risk by allowing users to manage, track, and resolve issues promptly

Manage issues effectively and achieve regulatory compliance across your enterprise with a single compliance system. Cobius Compliance Manager tracks compliance issues from discovery through resolution, integrating an often splintered process to ensure timely issue resolution.

Leaders receive actionable data that can be used to increase accountability and promote a culture of compliance and operational improvement.

An all-in-one, powerful solution

Cobius Compliance Manager lets you efficiently track and manage compliance, privacy, and security issues using standardized processes.  Analytical reports identify risk sources and trends, providing actionable data to promote a culture of compliance, increase organizational accountability and encourage continuous operational improvement.

Improve quality and reduce labor-intensive processes

Cobius Compliance Manager offers the centralized workflow and business intelligence needed to resolve issues promptly and reduce risk. Common tasks are automated to save time and avoid errors. By adding a screen to your intranet, employees can securely report incidents from anywhere.  Policies and procedures, reference materials and other critical items can be stored in the system for easy access.

Expedite resolution with efficient workflows

Task assignments, work queues, email alerts and other workflow tools promote collaboration and help resolve incidents faster. Workflows can be configured to meet compliance milestones and deadlines, with alerts designed for task and event updates and deadline reminders. Corrective action plans and other follow-up activities can be scheduled to ensure issues are addressed.


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